Puppy Travel

Puppy Travel 

The quick and cost-effective way to deliver your puppy is via air travel. In some cases, a puppy may be delivered to you by car but most likely will be by plane and you will need to pick your puppy up from the airport.We do not work with just any airline. We make sure that your puppy will fly in a safe, pressurized, temperature-controlled cabin.



We charge a separate fee for travel. We do this so you know what it costs to get your puppy to you as well all that is included: a puppy crate, a plane ticket, and health certificate. Typically if WE opt for ground transport, it is because the puppy is within driving distance and we can deliver to you. Or, your future puppy may be very close and we can meet you somewhere to hand over your new puppy. Our specialists will arrange this all with you and let you know the cost options.  


Since we have to make sure your puppy is healthy and gets a safe, timely flight, we will notify you when your puppy will be arriving, which can be within a 24-72 hour window. Please keep your schedule flexible after you confirm your newest addition to your family and let whoever needs to know that you may need to take off on short notice to pick your puppy up.  

Special Needs/Puppy Nanny

Any special needs breeds will have any special requirements or restrictions listed or our specialists will let you know. For example, squishy faced breeds may not be able to fly on some airlines and French Bulldogs require a “nanny” to escort them. These special needs can impact the travel price.If you would like a “puppy nanny” to escort and care for your dog while traveling, let us know and we can arrange that. Costs may vary.  

Is flying safe for puppies?

Flying a puppy is very safe and accidents are rare. 

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