Puppy Health is Priority

We promise to never “ship” any puppies by plane. Why? Because it is not as safe for your puppy as many claim.

A study conducted in 2002 measured cortisol (stress hormone) levels in dogs right before air transport which showed levels at 147% of that at normal levels. This is just before flight...imagine what the levels would be during the flight! 

 In 2017, 18 animals died on United Airlines flights.  

 Temperatures fluctuate greatly in the cargo area that pets are placed in so much so that Delta refuses to accept animals when temperatures ON GROUND are above 85 degrees due to risk and liability (no they don’t fly in comfy seats like us humans but instead are treated as cargo and thrown under the plane) 

 “I was a flight attendant for 23 years…It is not absolutely safe for the animals to travel in the cargo hold. Many things have gone wrong in the past: extreme temperatures, noise, chewing their way out and even being lost.” - Maureen Watkins