Frequently Asked Questions

What is HelloPuppy?

HelloPuppy exists to end puppy mills and deceptive breeders by providing a service for future puppy parents to find their dream puppy. Our business fuels our passion to help save and rescue dogs around the world through charitable actions, starting with our promise to ‘Adopt 1 Save 1’.

What is Adopt-One-Save-One?

We believe every dog, young or old, healthy or sick, deserves a good life. There are far too many abandoned and neglected dogs and for that reason, people feel guilty purchasing a puppy instead of saving one from a shelter. The truth is, all dogs deserve a chance. That is why we put into place Adopt 1 Save 1, our very own social impact program that will help dogs in every situation. Every time a puppy is purchased with HelloPuppy, we pay for the adoption of a shelter dog.  

Is it safe to order puppies online?

HelloPuppy Our breeders are required to adhere to our strict breeder policy. Our vaccinations schedule is something breeders have to complete and a final Vet Health Report needs to be signed and completed by a Licensed Veterinarian before the puppy can be sent home. We will ensure that your puppy arraves saftly 

How do I know that you are legitimate? 

We are trusted by the AKC, hundreds of various vets, work with the Humane Society, and are a verified business through platforms like Shopify, PayPal, and others.  

How can I help your charity causes? 

By purchasing puppies through us and referring us to others. Spread the word, get our name out there. At this time we are not accepting donations.  

What's the difference between you and a pet store? 

We want to make the world a better place for dogs. We do NOT work with bad breeders or puppy mills, which many pet stores do since they do not have a vetting process. 

Will I be able to visit my puppy or speak to the breeder before my puppy comes home? 

We are NOT puppy brokers or a service that connects you with breeders. We compile a database of healthy, checked, puppies that we advertise and offer to you and stand by their health and source. In addition we work with a network of hundreds of vetted, screened breeders; we are doing the hard work for you in finding a healthy puppy from a good source so you don’t end up in the woods in Kentucky in a run down house; let us continue to do that work.  

Why use HelloPuppy rather than adopt from a shelter? 

We specialize in finding you a pure-bred or rare breed dog. Shelter dogs are for some people, others may want their puppy from birth, with a certain color or other features, and be a specific breed. You will very rarely if ever find this at a shelter. If you rather a shelter dog, we 100% support you and recommend it as some of us have and only adopt rescues.  

We're Always Here For You

We're here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have.