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All puppies adopted through us will be registered as companion dogs, no exceptions. We do not sell puppies for breeding, show, or other purposes. If you came here looking for puppies for that purpose, you are in the wrong place.

What is a companion registration? 

Dogs can be registered many different ways (such as a show dog or breeding dog), but we only register our puppies as companion animals.   

Why only companion registration? 

It is our mission to end bad breeders and puppy mills. To that end, we don’t want to promote bad breeders and puppy mills by giving them access to only the best puppies. 

But will you let me breed the puppy? I mean I paid for it?!

And we are against it. If you do breed your puppy you will negate the warranty and insurance. Further if we find out, you will be on the blacklist.


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