We work with breeders and help them sell

Our goal is to work with our responsible breeders to help them sell their puppies to great people. We are professionals in marketing and advertising and will get your puppy listings in front of a laser focused, highly interested group of people who are actively searching to buy a dog. 

As a breeder, we understand your puppies are your top priority and finding a loving home for them is most important. You shouldn't have to worry about advertising and that's where HelloPuppy comes in. We want our breeders to achieve their goals as they help us to achieve ours. We believe that as we partner with great breeders, we can create a synergistic relationship where both parties win. 

Before you contact us, please read the breeder requirements below!

If you are interested in working with us, please call us at (855) 797-8779 to speak with a breeder ambassador or fill out the form at the bottom of the page for more information.We are looking forward to working with you and getting our puppies into the right homes!

Breeder Guidelines

Breeders must agree to following the following requirements

Complete vet health check

Our customers buy from us based on trust. We ensure that every puppy that we place into a home undergoes an extensive health check by a licensed veterinarian. 

 This health check checklist is provided by Hello Puppy and must be completed 72 hours before the puppy is delivered to its new home.  


Since HelloPuppy offers air travel to our customers we may require that you bring the puppy to the airport after a Vet has cleared the puppy for travel. We will work with the travel companies and the new owner to ensure the puppy arrives on schedule. 

 As a breeder, you will need to have the puppy ready for before it's flight. We will let you know when your puppy has arrived safely. You may need to buy an airline approved travel crate for the puppy. 

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